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Breathe Anime

How creative are YOU?

A Revolutionary Anime Community
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Welcome everyone! This is the revolutionary anime club that you have been waiting for. Basically, YOU control what happens- it's a mix between RPG, fanfics, manga, and anime. Please read the following rules before applying::

-Respect everyone; that means mods, applicants, characters, everyone.
-Keep personal entries to personal journals
-You MAY promote, but please keep it anime related
-Please keep the hentai under an LJ cut

The first thing that you must do is apply.

Please copy and paste for application. Put it under an lj-cut entitled: Why does the wind blow?

The Vitals:

Name (actual):
Age (No one under 13 please):
State/Province if applicable :
Why did you choose your sn?

The Fun Stuff (please include full sentences and an explanation):
Favorite Food?
Favorite Anime?
Favorite Non-anime?
Favorite color?
Favorite part of nature?
Favorite childhood memory?
Favorite season?
What drives you?

The Not-So Fun Stuff
Do you care about politics?
Where do you aspire to be when you're sixty?
Describe your personality in five to ten sentences.
What has impacted the way you think?
Do you consider yourself intelligent?
Do you like your middle name(s) (if you have one)?
What are your fears?
If you could rid the world of one person, who would it be?
Label yourself.

Post at least one pic of yourself.

The Stuff You've Been Waiting For:
Name your character:
What KIND of anime would they be in?
Write five or more sentences about their GOOD personality qualities.
Write five or more sentences about their BAD personality qualities.
Write five or more sentences about their GOOD physical qualities.
Write five or more sentences about their BAD physical qualities.

Draw and post your character.

Anything else about you OR your character that you would like to mention?


Okay! We are a very open community, so most likely you AND your character will get in ^.^ Once we have enough members, we will start exploring our characters (no... not like D&D). How creative CAN YOU BE? It is VITAL that you fill out your application. The games begin November first.


Join Breathe_Anime!

Join Breathe_Anime!

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